Virtual Desktop | Private Servers in a Cloud Environment

Are you tired of the excessive cost and maintenance headaches of local servers? Have you been thinking about migrating your local servers to a cloud environment?  Cloud9 is the perfect solution for small business with one or multiple offices, especially if your team is comprised of mobile workers.  Our quality, reliability  and security surpass that of traditional break-fix IT providers. Drastically reduce IT cost with a virtual workspace that is accessible from any internet enabled device fromany where.  Rest easy knowing that your critical data is backed up and secure. 
Switching is Easy
Save Money
Increase Productivity
With no hardware or software to buy the up-front cost of migrating to a cloud environment is virtually zero. Let us do the work.  We will migrate your existing software, files and emails to our intuitive, easy to learn service and provide the initial training to ensure an easy transition. 
Reallocate in-house IT expenses and personnel while future proofing your business.  Our pay as you grow approach eliminates unnecessary spending, but provides the flexibility to rapidly expand as needed.  And the best part is not having to purchase or maintain any servers!  
Our robust feature set provides the most advanced tools in the industry to allow you to access your data from any internet enabled device including MACs and tablets. No more worrying about your data since provided verified back ups nightly and our security controls keep watch 24/7/365. 
Below is just a few of the many features available.  We have designed the feature set to cater to the way small businesses operate to facilitate increased productivity and competitivness.
  1. Virtual Windows Desktop
  2. MS Exchange Email Hosting
  3. Microsoft Office Suite
  4. Anti-Virus
  5. Anti-Spam
  6. Verified Nightly Backups
  7. Space for Business Apps
  8. Inherent Disaster Recovery
  9. Anytime/Anywhere Access