Why Cloud9 VoIP

Cloud9 provides state of the art cloud-based solutions designed to optimize your success by delivering a comprehensive set of business-class end user features in a reliable, easy to use and easy to manage platform. 
  1. Support
    Cloud9 will analyze your current infrastructure and provide a solution to optimize the long term reliability of your network which ensures quality of service. We also provide on-site installations for new systems to make the transition hassle-free and seamless. Moving foward our cloud-based tools allow us to resolve over 95% all support products and services remotely.
  2. Bring Your Own Broadband
    Our cutting edge telecom services work with just about any internet service provider so there is no need to wait until the end of your contract to utilize our world class to features to simplify your business communications. Branch office can even have different providers and still be seamlessly connected.
  3. Reliability
    Cloud9 is geographically redundant with infrastructure hosted at interNAP facilities in both New York and Dallas. With seamless failover using active-active servers, our network architecture guarantees the highest uptime levels. We offer 99.999% service level guarantees for all mission critical functions.
  4. Scalability
    As a fully managed service, Cloud9 lets you focus on your business without the pain that typically accompanies growth. Whether you have a handful of users or thousands, Cloud9 will deliver the same rock solid performance , day in and day out.